Northwoods Artist Directory FAQs

Northwoods Artist Directory –The Lakeland Times, 510 Chippewa Street, Minocqua, WI 715-356-5236 call for details for this First Time ever directory


1. When will the directory come out? The directory will be inserted inside the Award Winning Summer Times # 1 and will be delivered to area restaurants, bars, gas stations, hotels, motels, chambers, retails stores, organizations from Elcho, WI up through Ironwood, MI for people to pick up free of charge right before the Memorial Day weekend (May 25, 2018).

2. Do people have to pay for the directory? No it is free for the public to pick up.

3. How much does a small interior ad cost? $ 35.00 this is the total price.

4. Can an artist get extra copies to distribute at the different events? Yes, we will have an additional 2,000 printed for artist distribution.

5. How many will be published? 18,000 will be printed, 16,000 will be inserted in the Summer Times # 1, 2,000 will be available for artist distribution.

6. What geographic location will be covered in the Northwoods Artist Directory? The whole northwoods of Wisconsin and the whole Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

7. If I have a gallery in Bayfield or Hayward can I still be in the Northwoods Artist Directory? Yes you are part of the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

8. Will the directory be available on-line? Yes, after it is published it will be available on the Lakeland Times website free for the public to view. It will not have any links active on the online version.

9. I want to make my own ad, what are the dimensions? The small interior ads are 5.525 inches x 2.125 inches, full color, no bleed. Use CMYK, true black. Submit your pdf at 300dpi or greater.

10. I have Microsoft Publisher, can I submit it in that version? No, submit is as a jpg, pdf, gft, bmp, tiff or doc. When you have your work made, export it to another graphic version before submitting.

11. Can you make my ad? Yes, we have award winning graphic designers on staff who can create your ad at no additional charge. We can proof out your ad to you for approval before printing.

12. Can you bill me for the ad? If you are currently set up in our billing system to get a statement then yes. If you are not set up, then we can accept cash, check, debit card or credit card.

13. What credit/debit cards do you accept? Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express.

14. What is the deadline? We need the ad proofed out and completed along with payment (if you are not in our billing system) by April 26. It is advised to reserve your space ASAP especially if we are creating your ad so we have time to proof out your ad.

15. Can I combine two of the smaller ads to create a larger ad? No. You can purchase more than one smaller ad, we will not be combining them, if you wish a larger ad to go with the smaller ad, you can purchase an ad in the Summer Times # 1 and have them refer to your Northwoods Artist Directory ad. We currently have only the interior spread left for full page ads.

16. How will the ads be arranged? The ads will be listed alphabetically by geographic location by state. The listing will include your name/business then the page your ad is located on. It will be under the city/town you tell us you want your ad under. If you have multiple locations, you need to pick one, it might be your main location or one of your satellite locations. The physical ads will also be put with others of the same geographic location. Currently we are not offering the option of picking the spot on the page or the page.

17. How many ads will be on a page? We will have 8 ads per interior page. The only full page ads are the inside front cover, center spread, inside back cover and back cover. Currently the only full page ad available is the center spread for $ 1200.00

18. How many pages are in the Northwoods Artist Directory? At this point it is yet to be determined depending on the response we receive.

19. Have you done this in the past, can I see last year’s directory? This is the first time. If it works well we would like to do this annually to come out this time of year. We don’t have any samples to show you are this time. It will be in booklet form.

20. Can I be put on a list to be notified every year to be included? Yes

21. I will be having an event where various artists will be selling their product, can I take out an ad? Yes if the event meets the geographic location requirement.

22. I have only an ETSY store but live in Rhinelander, can I be included? Yes, in your ad make sure to let people know how they can see your work, for your geographic location list the town you live in.

23. I am an art teacher in Eagle River, I would like to be listed but don’t have a store, can I be included? Yes, you are an artist and you live in the northwoods. You do not have to be actively selling your art to be included. Art students who meet the geographic location requirement are also able to purchase ads.

24. How many words can I put on my ad? As many as will fit comfortably on your ad where people can still read them. You can also put pictures in your ad.

25. I am a writer but haven’t published a book yet can I be included? Yes if you fit the geographic location requirement.

26. Can you meet me to go over my ad? If you do not have a storefront, you can come to our physical locations in Minocqua or Rhinelander. We have sales representatives who are in the field, please call to see if they can meet you at a public location in your area. The Sales representatives make their own schedules, you can leave them a message at their desk s, call 715-356-5236. Sales Representatives go throughout the northwoods from Tomahawk, WI as far north as Wakefield, MI and the many towns in-between. You can also mail us your request with picture or logo. Please allow us enough time to create your ad, please call us if you are mailing so we can watch for the information and reserve the space for you.

27. The gallery who carries my work is taking out an ad, should I take one out also? If you want you can, it will allow for more coverage of your work and if you have pieces in multiple galleries you can list the different sites.

28. Is the cover glossy? No, in order to keep the cost of the ads low for the many artists the cover will not be glossy.

29. What is the Summer Times # 1? The Summer Times # 1 is an award winning stand alone publication containing different events and things to do in the summer in the northwoods. The Summer/Autumn Times series comes out 4 times in the summer season – Memorial Day, 4th of July, Beginning of August and the Autumn Times – Labor Day. This publication has a distribution system already set up. Any business can be in the Summer Times # 1. Only art related business/people/events can be in the Northwoods Artist Directory. Call us if you are interested in advertising in the Summer Times or Autumn Times, there is no geographic location or art requirement for these publications.

30. Will the Northwoods Artist Directory be mailed to any or be inserted in the regular paper? No