Spiritual and Community links

As we walk down the many paths and trails of our lives, use these links for encouragement for the present and future while learning from the past....

Vatican website - http://www.vatican.va/phome_en.htm As we walk through this world, we need spiritual guidance as much as physical or mental. This is a good site to begin with.

Voice of the Martyrs - http://www.persecution.com/ This is the group's mission is to support the persecuted church wherever they occur in the world. They are the owners of the Action Pack program where you can send an orphan quilt or blanket with other items to our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. They are very creative in their support of our Brothers and Sisters in Chains. We in the west are called to use the many blessings which we have been gifted with to support those in need in others parts of the world. Supporting those suffering for the Christian faith will take your spiritual walk to a higher level. You will be helping the modern day saints and martyrs.

Beaver's Resort - www.beaversresort.net Come on out to the Lake of the Falls in Mercer, Wisconsin. Beaver's Resort sports 5 year round cabins on the lake plus primitive camp sites. We go out and fish off the dock for muskies, northerns, pan fish and bass. A nice place to relax. It is at Beaver's Resort where we fell in love with the northwoods after coming up for a vacation in 2006. We welcome the new owners and wish them all the best.

Fall River Rod and Gun Club - https://sites.google.com/site/fallriverrodandgunclubinc/home This is the site of the Fall River Rod and Gun Club. They are a good group to know when you are encouraging your youngster in the shooting sports and also enjoying them yourself. They have regular meetings on the Tuesdays throughout most of the year. The winter league shooting is a site to behold as these men and women shoot trap during the variable weather of winter! They also sponsor a youth shoot in July to give our youths experience shooting trap.

St. Bonaventure Indian Mission - http://www.stbonaventuremission.org/index.php This is the site of an organization supporting our Eastern Navajo brothers and sisters. The Mission provides schooling, water, housing and a thrift shop where you can send your orphan quilts and blankets among other items. These are sold very cheaply or freely given to those in need. When you are able to have work to do and hands to do it with, it provides not only means of support but also dignity where a straight handout does not. Education provided in the classroom, church and in the field are a way to train our brothers in sisters in Christ for a productive and active life where they can support their nation lifting them up out of poverty. When you live in a harsh environment, we must not forget our elderly and those struggling just to survive.

The Water Page - http://www.thewaterpage.com/ This site is all about water. We need the wet stuff to live. We need the living water to live also. So while you are taking care of your water, think about those who are struggling, this site has ideas and information where you can help others to obtain this vital resource. Thank you Denise for this site.